Know Importance and Quality of Backlinks

Hello all once again. In my last article I wrote the importance of links in getting higher ranking results in the search engine. Not only getting links is important, but you need to get quality links then only it would be helping you to achieve desired results. So in continuation to my last article today I will explain how will you determine the quality of the back links? I am sure the readers will find this thing to be informative and important. So let’s move ahead with the main gist of this article.

By this time the readers of this blog are surely be aware what jasa backlink (links to our site from other site) are. If you receive a backlink it means its counts as a vote to your site. More the number of backlinks more will the votes to the site. Higher the number of votes the search engine will consider those pages to be of more importance than the other pages without backlinks. Before the link was considered just as a link, but now the scenario has changed. The link is not just a link, it’s a vote and it is said that such a vote will pass some information to the page it has linked. In SEO language it is coined as “Link Juice”. Gathering thousands of links doesn’t mean that more juice will be passed to the page that it is linked to, but you need to get quality links. Google either increases the page rank or decreases on the basis of the links received. So below are the points that you will use to determine the quality of backlinks.

1) Check whether the page that links to you shows a page rank in the Google toolbar. Google updates the page rank every 3 months. If the page linked to you is 3 months old and doesn’t show page rank means there is some problem. If the page rank is grayed it means the page is either penalized or not indexed. Also you need to check the page rank of the page where your link appears. The page rank of the homepage doesn’t make any difference even if its high, just focus on the page rank of the page which shows your link.

2) Is the theme of the page linked to you, the same as yours site? Natural links are more effective in getting higher search engine results. Google has devised some way to determine the theme of web page. Natural links are the one where you get a link from a site that is related to the industry you serve. For e.g. If you run a site for sale of used cars, then most effective backlink would be the one from other used car sale sites. This will help to boost your page rank a lot.

3) Check the ranking of the site from where you get the link on the based of the key phrases that you targeted. This thing will have a positive impact in search engines to determine the theme of your site. It’s not that easy to get links from such site, but if you are successful in acquiring one then it is more useful than 100 links from the site that are not from the industry you serve.

4) Also check where your link is displayed on the other site. If it is in header or footer then the search engines consider them as paid and don’t give much importance. So your link must be in the content section of the webpage like you see in the news site. When you click on the hyperlink in the content you get additional information about it. So make sure your link appears in the content part of the webpage.

5) Check how many links are there on the webpage linking to you. As a general rule the page must not have more than 20-30 outbound links. If there are more than not enough information is passed from that page to yours and there is no significant increase in your page rank. So make sure that the web page linking to you must not have more than the desired page ranks.

6) Also update your HTML knowledge a bit and check that the web page linking to you has no “no follow” attribute set. If it is set then such links won’t help you a bit. So do not run after such links as that would be of no importance to you.

So hope this all tips and tricks will help many web masters and SEO professional to check the quality of the links they have earned and also they can now take precautions in getting a link from other site. There must be many other ways to check the quality of the backlinks which I now leave on to readers to explore and let me know in the form of comments and suggestions. Would love to know more about it from readers.